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Brake Calipers

Waste Basket

Wheel Rims
Folding Cattle Guards

Powder coating is a method of applying a coating using fine particles of combined pigment and resin. The particles of powder are electrostatically charged positive and applied to a negatively grounded metal surface. The charged powder clings to the metal surface, when heated the powder melts and becomes a baked on liquid coating. Powder coatings are very durable and are available in smooth or textured finishes. Let R&B help you determine what powder chemistry is best suited for your needs.


Exterior Products

POLYESTER – is the most common powder chemistry because it has the boradest range of applications. It is available in medium to high gloss and can be used on exterior and interior products.

POLYURETHANE – powders are available in low to medium gloss and can also be used on exterior and interior products.


Interior Products

EPOXY – powders are considered to be functional coatings as they are the most chemical and corrosion resistant. They are recommended for interior products as they are UV sensitive and will deteriorate when exposed to sunlight.

HYBRID – powders are a mixture of polyester and epoxy resins that have good chemical and corrosion resistance but are also UV sensitive.




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